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We start with a FREE initial confidential consultation, where we discuss if I am the coach for you, and if I feel able to help you move forward in a positive way. We will also agree on the likely number of sessions required, and can then begin the coaching journey together.

Using NLP and Life Coaching we can look at your skills and weaknesses and together we can put together a workable plan with both structure and achievable steps in place to work at your own pace towards your ultimate dream. Through gentle exploration together we find out your strengths and weaknesses and what you might need to tweak to get you to where you need to be to arrive at you goal.

Whether you choose to see me weekly fortnightly or monthly is up to yourself. You set the timescale to your own requirements. You can e-mail or phone me in between our coaching sessions if you feel you are drifting off track and I will help you to refocus and give you encouragement. You may decide to work from home, and if this is the case you will need to have a balanced work/home plan in place to ensure a smooth stress free working environment.

Rest assured, every coaching session is completely private and anything confided to me will be held in the strictest confidence. Below are a few examples of typical life issues that I can help with.

Putting together a life plan

What do you really what out of your life?
If you could do anything you want what would you chose to do?
If you want to live your life˜according to plan you will first have to make one.
Together we will explore at what stage in your life you are now, and use goal setting and stepping stones to reach your ultimate GOAL.
Working together will give you peace of mind and the ability to take control of your life and your future without stress.
A life plan will include a balance of fun as well as work.

Building a work/life balance that sustains you

How many times do you say you are too tired to go out?
Do you have trouble getting up in the morning for work as the late evening has left you exhausted
Would you love to take up a leisure activity or spend more time with your family but are unable to find the time
Are you feeling depressed with the hand you feel that fate has dealt you?
Let us work together to explore a better way to use your time so that the balance between work and a happy stress free life is balanced.

Improving your ability to relate to others

Do you lack confidence in yourself and your abilities?
In your eyes are your friends, acquaintances, work colleagues better educated, or have better social skills than you?
Do you feel unsure of yourself in new situations and is this stopping you from moving forward in your life.
When questions are asked do you know the answers but are unable to put your opinion across because you are shy or nervous.
There are many times in our lives when we feel tongue tied and afraid to make a fool of ourselves. I will be able to work with you in a way that you will plan a way of dealing with all of these awkward situations.

Successfully start your own business

Have you always wanted to start your own business but don't know where to start?
Do you have an idea but don't know how to implement it?
Is the thought of going it alone intimidating?
Together we can find a starting point and through Coaching find and set a goal for your new business venture.

Improving our self discipline and motivation

Do you have great ideas, make a start, then lose interest or motivation?

Do you know that you have the ability but lack the self discipline to apply it to your dream or goal?

Would you like to have a coach to nudge you back on track when your self discipline and motivation wavers?

Transition into a happy and prosperous retirement

Have you worked in a 9-5 job for most of your adult life and feel unable to make the transition into 24 unplanned hours?
Is the thought of no structure in your life a daunting prospect?
Do you want to take on some part time work but are unsure where your skills can be best used?
Having now left work do you feel worthless and has your self discipline and motivation taken a nose dive?
Do you want to add more strings to your bow, but are not sure which direction to look in?
Do you have something that you have always wanted to do but were restricted by the time spent at work? Now you have the time but need to organise a plan to achieve that goal.

Improving motivation and planning in 13-21yr old (Youth Coaching)

Are you at a stage in your life when you don't quite know where you are going?

What exams are necessary to get you onto the course to pursue your chosen career?

Do you know what qualifications you need to have, but are lacking the confidence to move forward?

Then career coaching is for you.
This is a stage of our lives where everything seems to happen at once and sometimes the outcome we want to achieve seems out of reach.
Are you a parent whose child has stopped communicating as they are totally overwhelmed at the stage that they are at in their lives?

Transition back to work as a new mum or dad

After a break to bring up young children it can be difficult getting back into the workplace.
What has changed, what new skills have to be learnt, how will I fit in. These are a few of the questions that you may be asking yourself.
There is not only the uncertainty of returning to the workplace, but also the guilt of leaving the children and changing their routine.

Reclaiming life after illness or incapacity

Are you ready to embark on the next phase in your life?
Do you live with a chronic illness and want to return to the work place?
Has illness or incapacity left you at a crossroads when you don't know which road to take?
Reclaiming your life can often set you on a whole new path and as your coach I will be by your side to encourage and reassure you on that journey.
There may be times when the journey gets emotional, or seems quite daunting, but together we will overcome any obstacles that appear in your way.

Coaching can help with...

Putting together a life plan
Understanding our aims and goals
Building a work/life balance that fulfils us.
Finding ways to reduce stress in our lives
Improving our ability to relate to others
Successfully start our own business
Improving our awareness of ourselves
Improving our self discipline and motivation
Transition into a happy and prosperous retirement
Improving our health and well-being routines
Improving motivation in 13-21 year olds
Transition back to work as a new mum or dad
Finding a way forward after redundancy
Reclaiming life after illness or incapacity


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