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Frequently asked questions:

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal state that a person experiences naturally, several times throughout the course of a day.

How does Hypnosis work?

During hypnosis, the physical body and conscious mind are in a relaxed state while the subconscious mind remains in a heightened state of suggestibility.

Hypnosis is an education - communication process in a person’s mind that allows the conscious and subconscious minds to agree.

Is Hypnosis medically approved?

Yes. In 1958 the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the British Medical Association approved hypnosis as a viable therapeutic tool.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Absolutely! The induction of Hypnosis is a naturally occurring process. You will remain aware at all times.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes. Everyone can be hypnotised to varying degrees. The level of hypnosis a person achieves is often associated with their desire to succeed, receptivity to suggestion and ability to respond.

How does the subconsious accept suggestions?

Hypnotic suggestions bypass the critical faculty called the conscious mind, and focuses on offering healthy, positive suggestions to the subconscious mind.

How powerful is a Hypnotherapist?

Hypnosis is a contract between the hypnotherapist and client, whereby 10 percent of the effect is the efforts of the hypnotherapist and 90 percent is that of the client.

Coaching can help with...

Putting together a life plan
Understanding our aims and goals
Building a life/work balance that fulfils us.
Finding ways to reduce stress in our lives
Improving our ability to relate to others
Successfully start our own business
Improving our awareness of ourselves
Improving our self discipline and motivation
Transition into a happy and prosperous retirement
Improving our health and well-being routines
Improving motivation in 13-21 year olds
Transition back to work as a new mum or dad
Finding a way forward after redundancy
Reclaiming life after illness or incapacity


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